AX Model is one of the kind that providing High-End escorts that are totally different from another agency you can find in KL and PJ (MY). AX-team are form to cater to exclusive clients that spend worthy for premium models that we have in our agency.We have a focus on providing exceptional high quality, luxurious and discretion.

We have very very limited of freelance ladies in our agency,could be 4 or less in a time. All lady that fit to join our agency must be SERVICE-APPROVED by AX-Team,thus all working ladies are 100% service and look guaranteed! We want our clients to spend worthy for the money and time. All these freelance ladies could be from reputable modelling agency’s model, high-end soapy club’s sideliner 

With this belief, the agency has chosen 4 core values to govern our agency

CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY – Our success is based upon our integrity. In AX Model, we believe that in order to be successful in either business or in life, we must be honest and open with our clients. We strongly believe that integrity makes a strong relationship between the agency and our clients as integrity will always leads to client’s trust and faith in our agency.

ASSURANCE OF QUALITY – To provide the highest quality of service to our clients. We select every single model through conducting interviews personally by the agency. We make certain that we will provide the highest quality models and services, ensuring client retention and satisfaction.

COMMITMENT TO  EXCELLENCE SERVICES – We are passionate about providing our clients with the highest quality of enjoyment and pleasure. We are intensely focused on serving our clients and helping them to arrange the most memorable date with an elegant and sophisticated model. It is our prompt responses, consistent communication with our clients, quality details of our models, authentic and up to date photos of our models and a focus on providing a superior experience for our clients each and every time. Our promise to deliver the best quality of services is what drives our commitment to our clients.

MUTUAL TRUST AND RESPECT – We treat others as we expect to be treated. We respect our clients. We believe in them. We understand them. We trust them. Great relationships are built upon and powered by respect and trust. Respect for clients as well as respecting each other. At AX Model, we respect each other. We are open and honest. We trust in, rely on and respect each other. We hold ourselves to high standards because we believe we are up to any challenge.

Why face covered ?? Yes, basically most of them could be one of these: net idol’s, sugar-daddy’s girl or VIP sideliner that cater to VIP executives from their nation. We had uncovered photo’s available but we only give to our supporting clients. AX Model’s supporting client have the privilege for the uncensored photos and short clips. Click here to understand how to become one of our VIP MEMBER 

All these premium escorts are based in hotel that not lower then 4 star hotel throughout KL & PJ. We only emphasize on booking by calling or what’sapping AX-Team hotline. There is no “MIRRORING” allowed in our agency.

Thanks for supporting us and we hope you will be one of our AX-team members.


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