How to become our VIP:


  1. First we require you to sign up an account with smugmug as we are using this platform to display model’s photos in a secured private gallery. CLICK HERE to sign up.

    Sign up Smugmug


  3. Once you have registered a smugmug account, you’re required to download its apps to your phone through google Play store for android phone or app store for iphone.

    Download Smugmug App


  5. After you done the above 2 steps, messege/text me the email you used to register your smugmug account. This way, I can invite you into our PRIVATE gallery in smugmug to gain access to all our latest models’ photos.

  7. When you’ve been invited and being accepted to gain access to our private gallery in smugmug, you will be able to view the gallery as below:

    Access Axmodel Private Gallery


  9. IMPORTANT! TO view our latest models available, you need to CLEAR CACHE in your smugmug account. Here’s how from using mobile app:
    Clear Cache

    Clear Cache

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