Soapy massage originated from Thailand. It is not like most other massages, but this is a very special service that is almost completely restricted to Thailand. This is now available with every AX model booking.

Soapy massages can be a very erotic event. Considering that Thai massage is one of the cornerstones of ‘Thai Wisdom’, it seems only natural that sex and massage would be combined sooner or later.

The soapy massage includes the masseuse bathing with the client while lathering the client with soap. This kind of massage often takes about 20-30 minutes.

Known to reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing both mind and body, soapy massage can be considered as the most delightful experience anyone can have.

The customer is pampered, undressed and immersed in a large bath of warm water.

A woman gets in and washes them from head to toe with her body. Soapy massages usually finish with ….. we will leave that to your imagination.

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